People and Technology
 Safety and Compliance
When the Critical Care Facility is more than one hour away, when the nature of an injury could be life threatening, when your business mandates medical personnel onsite, then companies look to us to source the most qualified and experienced paramedics. Whether the need is on a rig, laying pipe in a remote area, erecting a wind tower or constructing a solar farm, we supply personnel  that  understand the environment, are industry savvy, and are qualified to treat the worst of injuries.
The industries we serve are inherently dangerous and all must comply with Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) standards. Safety Officers develop and recommend measures for assuring personnel safety, and monitor and/or anticipate hazardous and unsafe situations. They have the power to alter, suspend, evacuate or terminate activities that may pose imminent safety or health danger to the workers. Our personnel have years of experience, credentials, and certifications to meet the requirements of the job.